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Interior & Fit out joinery / Hypermarket Soloutions / POSM & Kiosk

About Us

A multitask profession which creates any land in beautiful creation, Interior designing is the art and science which enhance your mind

Custom Designs

Want specific adjustments with your interior décor? Customize them to your liking!

Review Your Ideas

Review your plans and your decisions, make changes the way you want and visualize in 3D how your home will look.

Let's talk business

We begin our process with a brief phone call to discuss your plans for the project and our general requirements

What we do

We provide you the quality with perfect credibility, Your choice is our first and foremost priority


You’ll share your style and inspiration with your designer—whether you have a Pinterest board full of ideas or are just getting started. They’ll also work with your existing furniture to create a cohesive design and layout.


You’ll work collaboratively with your designer at your convenience throughout the design process, with access to our messaging platform from any device for sharing ideas and giving feedback.


Your direct line to the best interior designers. You’ll have online access to your designer throughout the process to get all the details right.


Our designers work with your style and budget—taking the guess work out of decorating. Work one-on-one with your designer online. Anytime, anywhere.

Engineering & Production

It’s not just about great products of consistently high quality, with continuity of supply, at very competitive prices. it’s also about a commitment to your business, to deliver the service you need to help you compete and succeed in today’s fast-paced market-place


    * Wood
    * Metal
    * Glass
    * Acrylic
    * Corian
    * Spray painting
    * Powder coating
    * Printing


    * Standard systems
    * Bespoke shopfitting
    * POS


    * Value engineering
    * Prototyping
    * Web assets
    * Touch screen technology


    * Shopfronts
    * Flooring
    * Ceilings
    * Lighting
    * Mechanical & electrical
    * Heating & venting
    * Air conditioning
    * Sprinklers
    * Telecommunications
    * CCTV
    * Furniture & fittings
    * Fabrics & finishes

    We are shop fitting & retail architecture company of 75 team members that prides itself on the skill of our leaders and the passion of our employees serving the Middle East & North Africa retail sector for over 10 years, LAVA VISUAL  has established a reputation for being a market leader in full Turnkey Retail & Visual Merchandising installations.


    Our delivery team will ensure that you don’t have to go beyond your couch to set up your home. We’ll do that for you.


    + Years

    + Satisified Clients

    + SQ Ft Facility

    + Professionals


    Kick Off Your New Project

    It starts with our fun and easy project questionnaire where you’ll provide details

    Visualize Your New Room

    Your designer incorporates feedback into the final room design and layout

    Collaborate Your Designer

    After getting matched, your designer will message with you to collaborate design

    Graphic your design

    Select your graphics with suggestion of our engineers in an affordable budget

    Brands we work with


    Talk to our expert designers and discuss how you want your space to be optimized and to look, and they will shape your ideas into reality.

    Your budgets, your style and your preferences. Choose from a wide variety of premium quality materials with suggestions from our experts to define the look of your home.

    We’ll provide you with a detailed timeline and delivery schedules before execution begins under expert supervision and with stringent quality checks.

    Keep in Touch

    Tell us how you want your interiors to be, and our expert designers will shape your vision, flexible as per your budget and needs.


    Building 3 Warehouse- Dubai Investment Park 2 P.O. Box 337028,Dubai,UAE